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MFHD Master's Program

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, or they should complete a series of courses, in addition to their bachelor’s degree, that prepare them for graduate study.

Students interested in the MFHD Master’s degree program should complete the following prerequisites:

  • Upper Division Writing
  • Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • One Upper Division Human Development Course
  • One Upper Division Marriage/Couples or Family Course

Completion of all prerequisites is not required at the time of application/admission, but the admissions committee will need to see progress toward the completion of these prerequisites. If you have questions about the prerequistes, especially if a course will meet the requirement, please email your question to

Master's Curriculum

The MFHD MS program provides a combination of depth and breadth in studying family sciences and human development, as well as the methods used in social science research. During the first year, you will participate in a core curriculum that provides a broad understanding of theories, research findings, issues, methods and application strategies in the field. Content courses in both family science and human development are required of each student. Additionally, each student will complete a thesis as part of the MS degree. The master’s degree can be a terminal degree, but most frequently it is preparation for additional graduate training in related areas of interest.

Human Development:
MFHD 611 (3 hrs) Advances in Human Development
One elective Human Development content course (3 hrs)
Family Science:
MFHD 612 (3 hrs) Introduction to Research and Theory in Family Science
One elective Family Studies content course (3 hrs)
MFHD 514 (3 hrs) Theories of Human Development
Methods & Statistics:
MFHD 513 (3 hrs) Applied Statistics in the Social Sciences
MFHD 691 (3 hrs) Graduate Research Methods
MFHD 600 (3 hrs) Multiple Regression
MFHD 605 (3 hrs) Structural Equation Modeling in Social Sciences
One elective Methods & Statistics course (3 hrs)
MFHD 699R (6 hrs) Masters Thesis