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The Marriage, Family and Human Development Program centers on theories, research and practices related to optimal human development within the context of family life life as well as processes pertaining to marital and family relationships. A graduate degree in MFHD will provide you with a broad-based understanding in family studies/science and human development. It provides a life-course perspective by which human development and family behavior can be understood and improved.

All our students take courses which contain both human development and family studies/science content. In addition our students are trained as social science researchers, obtaining a graduate level competency in research methods, statistical analysis, and professional writing. Our program is not a clinical degree that would prepare a student to practice in the mental health fields. MFHD is a research-focused academic degree which prepares graduates to be employed primarily as university faculty, in community agencies, or as professional researchers.

We are currently accepting MS applications, but we are not encouraging PhD applications.

If you are interested in our program, you can Request Information to access your own customized webpage with additional admission and program information.

Marriage, Family and Human Development
Graduate Program
2086 JFSB
Provo, UT 84602